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  If you have found a sick, injured, or orphaned animal…please call our shelter at (813) 792-8511 to arrange transport.

If you are unable to reach a shelter volunteer and you have a wildlife emergency

During business hours: Contact the Humane Society of North Pinellas at (727) 797-7722

After business hours: Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services, Largo (727) 531-5752 or Dr. Myers in Tampa at (813) 265-4043.

For an orphaned or injured bird: Please call Arlene at our Avian Division (813) 963-1022.

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Does this baby need rescuing?

Is the Animal Really an Orphan?

Many young wild animals that are found do not need rescue. Sometimes the mother animal is away feeding. Other times, an animal may have wandered from or fallen from the nest. Most mammal mothers will retrieve their young. Often birds found on the ground are in the fledging stage and learning to fly. Always assess whether a rescue is really needed!

Screen the baby to ensure it is truly orphaned

Is it injured?

Is it cold?

Is it dehydrated?

Does its abdomen appear overly wrinkled or paperish-white?

Does its abdomen and eyes appear sunken-in?

Is it lethargic, inactive, or uninterested in its surroundings?

Was it handled by a dog or cat/did you find it near a dog or cat?

Are there dead siblings/parents near-by?

Is it a naked or partially feathered baby bird?

Are there flies around the baby?

Is it in imminent danger?

Have you spoken with a rehabilitator, and attempted to re-nest/reunite but have not seen the parents in over 2 to 4 hours?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, take the following steps:

Place the baby in a softly-lined covered box with ventilation.

Place the box in a warm, dark quiet indoor location away from all humans and pets.

Do NOT attempt to give it food or water, no matter how much it begs! If transport will be delayed, see "Emergency Care" at the top of this page.

For mammals: Contact our shelter at (813) 792-8511.

For birds: Contact our Avian Division (813) 963-1022. Another resource for birds in the Tampa Bay area is Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary at (727) 391-6211.

Outside our area: Contact your local Humane Society for a rehabilitator in your area.

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