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Monthly Operations Sponsorships

Our sponsor program is an important means for our shelter to continue wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Your sponsor dollars specifically target our greatest expenses and enable us to continue to provide the compassionate care, specialized veterinary services, and proper nutrition for sick and injured wildlife as well as orphaned baby animals. You can choose a one-time sponsorship or monthly sponsorships. All figures are based on average monthly expenditures:

$200 Out to Pasture Sponsor

This sponsorship underwrites our monthly expense of leasing 7.5 acres used exclusively for our grazing animals.

$250 Call of the Wild Sponsor

This sponsorship pays for the monthly expenses for our shelter telephone lines as well as the two cellular telephones which are a direct link to our emergency rescue crews, veterinarians, and animal care volunteers. Help is just a phone call away!

$300 Energy Sponsor

This sponsorship supports our monthly electrical utility expenses and will help keep the refrigerators running and the air conditioner humming so all of the animals under our care will remain comfortable during their recovery.

$400 Rocky Road Sponsorship

This sponsorship covers the average cost each month for medicines and medical supplies while animals are on the road to recovery. It’s the right prescription for good animal health.

$500 Maintenance Sponsorship

There is always a fence that needs mending, enclosures or habitats to build, and barns to be repaired. Funds from this sponsorship are used exclusively to ensure our facility is maintained in order to provide a safe haven for the animals and to operate efficiently.

$600 Market Sponsor

With an average of 200-300 mouths to feed at any given time, animal food is one of our largest monthly expenditures. Whether it is fruit and vegetables, dry dog and cat food, or items required to fulfill special dietary needs, ensuring our patients and residents proper nutrition is a top priority.

$900 Running on Empty Sponsorship

Because we service a three-county area and will go wherever there is wildlife in need, fuel costs and vehicle operating expenses are extraordinary. Underwriting this sponsorship ensures our rescue vehicles will stay on the road and lives will be saved.

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