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Orphanded Mammal Babies

Fact Sheets (pdf)


also see Emergency Help and Interim Help

    1. Humane Ways to Solve Wildlife Problems
    2. Solving Urban Duck Problems
    3. Solving Raccoon Problems
    4. Solving Woodchuck Problems
    5. Common Misconceptions about Rabies
    6. Solving Skunk Problems
    7. Living with Deer
    8. Living with Black Bears
    9. Living with Squirrels
    10. Living with Coyotes and Foxes
    11. Is the Animal Really an Orphan?

More Facts

    1. Common Household Items Hazardous to Small Animals
    2. Common Poisonous Plants
Marine Animals
  • I Found A Baby Bird -
    Now What?
  • How To Rescue Baby Birds
  • I Found A Baby Mammal -
    Now What?
  • How To Rescue Baby Mammals
  • Help Marine Animals
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